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St Vincent’s Hospice

St Vincent’s Hospice

On Wednesday 30th of May the Preses accompanied by Mr E Black, Mr J Farmer, Mr O Jones, Mr I Ritchie and Mr J Wallace were invited by June and Simon of St Vincent’s Hospice to visit and tour the facility. The Society had made a donation that helped provide Smart TV’s in 8 rooms and June explained how much of a difference this made to patients; simply being able to check e-mail or use the internet can alleviate the isolation or boredom of treatment.

The group enjoyed the tour of the building and gardens very much, the Preses suggesting to the Treasurer we might invest in a brick  for the woodland walkway. Most were surprised at the variety of treatments on offer and the range of facilities available.

We stand by our offer to help if we can, while providing the £6,000 a day it takes to run the hospice is beyond our means we hope to be able to help with spot projects.

Thanks again to June and Simon

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