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2021 256th AGM

2021 256th AGM

After a short meeting to update and finalise some Society matters the Managers invited those members wishing to attend into the hall. Mr S. Tennant, Preses, welcomed all those present and called the meeting to order. The minute of the 255th AGM was read by the Clerk and adopted without change on the proposal of M. Kerr.

The Society stood for a minutes silence to remember all those members who had passed on in 2021, David Dickie and Jimmy Redmond were both Past Preses and had worked tirelessly for the Society.

The Treasurer reported that we were in good health considering we had had very restricted opportunities to raise funds but that we had disbursed monies to St Vincents and Renfrewshire Food Bank and Renfrewshire Guide Dogs. The auditor reported that the books were a true reflection of the Societies finances.

Mr Tennant then proposed that Gavin Bell be elected Preses for the following twelve months, this was seconded by D. Blair and affirmed by the meeting. Mr Tennant then presented the chain of office to Mr Bell who gave a short speech of thanks and setting out some of his challenges and ideas for the coming year. Mr Bell, Preses, had not given any thought to his Vice Preses and this has been delayed until the next Managers meeting.

Managers; I. Richie and J. Wallace were re-elected to the team and S. Tennant reverted to his post as a manager. The Office Bearers were re-elected unopposed, the assembly voting unanimously. Mr Officer had intimated he would like to retire and thought will have to be given to his replacement over the next twelve months should he so decide.

The last item was the changes to the articles of association before there being reprinted. The Officer objected on grounds of tradition and Mr Preses called a vote, the articles of association are to be perused by the managers and any constructive changes to be brought to the group.

The meeting ended in speech and sentiment

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