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2020 Burns Supper

2020 Burns Supper

Our Burns Supper is always the second Saturday in January, unless it’s the third. Had we had it the weekend earlier people would have still been combing the New Year steak pie gravy out of their beards. When I arrived at 6pm there was a fair gathering of the great and good of the village.

The caterers had done a fantastic job of dressing the tables and Mr Treasurer was doing a fantastic job of parting our guests from their cash. This is our biggest fund raiser of the year after all.

Mr Jones called for silence and the company stood to receive their top table; Piper Kerr led Mr D Dunlop, Mr Ross McLelland, Mr S Tennant – Preses, Mr Jim Kerr and Mr D Blair to their seats before piping in the haggis and whisky for the toasts. Mr I Richie carried the haggis this year and Mr D Dunlop the whisky. Mr A Gordon addressed the haggis which really doesn’t do justice to his performance and the piper led off the creature.

The Preses welcomed our guests and introduced the top table before Mr Dunlop said Grace and the Supper was served. The background hum gradually tailed off as our guests got stuck in to soup, haggis, steak pie and trimmings and the cheese board. There was no repeat of cheesegate and the caterers had provided enough to keep us nibbling well into the night. One guest was seen opening a nice bottle of Port during the pie course. To let it breath.

Preses – S Tennent

As the last empty fork hit the empty plate Piper Kerr heezed up his pipes and gave us a stirring medley of tunes ranging from plaintive airs to rollicking jigs. The Preses then introduced our first speaker Mr Ross McLelland from Paisley Burns Club. Ross gave a heartfelt and personal Immortal Memory, funny and poignant. His mis-timing of a barded gag at the expense of the catering staff left him red faced and having a finger wagged at him to huge hilarity. We think this young man may have a future at this Burns malarkey.

Mr S Vaughan then arose on shaky legs to perform Tam O Shanter for the company, this was Mr Vaughan’s first time reciting the poem before the company and it was graciously received. The band played during a short break before leading the company in The Lass O Ballochmyle, a technically difficult song made harder by being in full Kenneth McKellar mode, Joe performed admirably as did the company. Andy Hay would have been proud of the Kilbarchan Male Voice Choir. The Preses then introduced our final guest Mr Jim Kerr. Jim gave a humorous talk on Burns’ relationship to the fairer sex. Traditionally speakers humiliate Managers about their sexual prowess or ineptitude but Jim had his brother in the audience and didn’t need any other targets. A funny and engaging talk.

After a short comfort break the band led the singing of some of Burns’ songs culminating in the company singing The Habbies O Kilbarchan. Mr N Kerr OBE then gave a witty and instructive Toast to the Society.

After another short break Mr J Wallace donned the fez and dressing gown of Holy Willie Fisher and came in to lambast and denounce everyone and everything in the hall, especially the top table, before performing Holy Willies Prayer to great applause. The band lead more community singing before Mr D Dunlop gave the Vote of Thanks. The evening concluded with The Star O Rabbie Burns, standing on tables, Auld Lang Syne and another blast of Habbies O Kilbarchan.

Thanks as always to the catering staff, bar staff, our guest speakers and the Company who helped raise over £500 in the prize draw.

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