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2020 AGM

2020 AGM

The 2020 AGM was held via the Zoom platform with a turn out of Managers and no members. Mr Scott Tennant, Preses, welcomed those attending. After a minutes silence Mr Tennant thanked the managers for their support in what had turned out to be a terrible year for our type of fund raising.

Mr Blair reported a change to our disbursement policy in that we would henceforth be offering to sponsor fundraising events for our main beneficiaries rather than a cheque to be lost in general funds, this would help them raise greater amounts and raise the profile of the Society.

The Preses was returned to serve a second term due to the unprecedented nature of the lockdown and his having had no chance to preside over anything. The Treasurer, Clerk and Officer were returned unanimously and four managers were returned with Mr Tennant to check that those who were not present were happy to serve again.

The Clerk proposed changes to the Articles of Association and in line with said Articles the proposal shall remain live for six months to be debated by the Managers and a vote taken.

The night ended in a blank screen as Mr Tennant cut the connection

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