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2019 AGM

2019 AGM

After a short meeting attending to Society protocol the Managers moved into the main hall for the 254th Annual General Meeting of the Society. Preses David Blair was chairman and welcomed a small gathering of Managers and Members. The absence of the Chain of Office was noted about now and a Manager was dispatched to collect it.

The Clerk, Mr Stephen Vaughan, had circulated the minutes of the 253rd AGM and they were approved as a proper record of the event. The Preses then called on all present to stand for a minutes silence as a mark of respect to all members who had passed away during the year.

The Treasurer, Mr Jim Farmer, reported a very successful year in which we had covered all those outgoing we had committed to. Mr Farmer thanked the Managers and Office Bearers for their support over the last eighteen years and offered the new Treasurer all assistance. The Auditors; Mr Eric Black and Mr Oliver Jones, found the Society’s books to be in their usual good order, Mr Black praised the Treasurer for his meticulous bookkeeping and thanked him for his work over the years.

The Retiring Preses spoke fulsomely of the works the Managers had done over the year, listing the profits derived from each event before listing the beneficiaries of Society funding; Chas, St Benedict’s School trip, Kilbarchan Pipe Band, Beatson, Accord Hospice, St Vincent’s Hospice and Erskine Hospital and noted that we had increased our payment to the last 4 on the list.

The Managers proposed Mr Scott Tennant as Preses for 2020 and this was accepted by the assembly. Preses Tennant thanked past Preses Blair and nominated Mr David Dunlop as his Vice Preses, this was accepted.

We had five Managers due to retire and all had intimated they were available for re-election, this was passed unanimously and we moved on to the election of Office bearers. Mr Stephen Vaughan was elected unanimously as Clerk and Mr David Blair was elected to the vacant post of Treasurer, AM Connell retained the office of Officer

There being no further business the Preses invited the assembly to join him for hospitality and refreshment.

Past Preses Blair welcomes Preses Tennant

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