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2018 AGM

2018 AGM

After a short meeting prior to the AGM to discuss pending items the managers moved upstairs to the main hall to host the 253rd Annual General Meeting of the Kilbarchan General Society. A small number of members joined the Managers.

The chairman, Mr Stephen Vaughan ~ Preses, called the meeting to order and Mr A M Connell ~ Officer read the minutes of the 252nd AGM in the absence of the late Mr John Connell ~ much missed Clerk and friend. The minutes were adopted.

Mr Vaughan then asked the assembly to rise and observe a minutes silence for those members called home in the past 12 months. The minutes of the managers meetings were approved as read and Mr James Farmer ~ Treasurer rose and gave his report on another successful year. The Societies accounts are available on the OSCAR website for public scrutiny. Our internal Audit found the books to be in their usual good order and Mr Farmer asked to address the meeting with some memories of the late J Connell.

Mr S Vaughan gave a short speech thanking the managers for their help over the past year then proposed Mr David Blair as Preses of the Society and presented him with the Chain of Office and the Chair. Mr Blair ~ Preses gave a short acceptance speech to say he was honoured to accept the post and proposed Mr Scott Tennant as his Vice Preses. The meeting then moved on to the election of Managers due to retire and willing to serve another 3 years. Mr E Black, Mr S Vaughan and Mr J Wallace were re-elected unanimously.

The death of John Connell caused a bit of a crisis and the Preses was in the process of asking the Officer to take over those duties when Mr J Wallace proposed Mr S Vaughan for the roll this was seconded my Mr Farmer. The Officer and Treasurer were re-elected unopposed and Mr Farmer announced he would be reliquencing the position at the 254th AGM. Mr Vaughan assuming the role of Clerk created a position on the Management Team and Mr I Richie graciously accepted the nomination.

The Preses invited the assembly for refreshments at the close of business

The New Preses being congratulated by the Past Preses

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