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2017 Sportsmans Dinner

2017 Sportsmans Dinner

The early afternoon of Saturday 14th of October had the Managers setting up the Bowling Club for the Dinner that evening. The only worry was that we’d not fit everyone in. There is always a bit of trepidation when these events draw near as to the actual number attending what with late call offs and last minute scrambles for places. This year we had the added worry of one of our speakers cancelling due to an operation, he is thankfully on the mend. So after everything was finally nailed down we had 90 guests and our speakers were Tam Cowan and Chick Young, both very well known from TV and radio.

The company sat down to dinner at 7:30pm and the caterers had excelled themselves; Chick Young ,who’s attended one or two of these events, thought it the best soup he’d tasted in ages and the top table agreed. The steak pie was top notch too. The only cloud was the continued absence of Tam Cowan who had still been presenting Off The Ball when the dinner was supposed to start. Undaunted we soldiered on.

Tam arrived in plenty of time to hear Chick regale us with anecdotes, memories and tale tales. I’d like to thank John Deans for finding a PA system of sorts from the depths of the basement. After a quick prize draw it was the turn of Mr Cowan to take the floor. He spoke for over an hour; gave the Preses and Vice Preses plenty of verbal abuse, was hilarious throughout and at the end hosted the auction and raised a considerable sum for the Society’s coffers.

I’d like to offer the Society’s thanks to both Tam and Chick for a job well done.


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