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2017 Burns Supper

2017 Burns Supper

The annual Burns Supper was on the Saturday the 14th of January in our customary home, Kilbarchan Bowling Club. The Managers met at 2pm to begin setting out the hall and bickering over the seating arrangements. By 3 o’clock we retired to let the caterers do their thing.

Our guests began arriving at 5:30pm and the hall soon echoed to cheery haloos as old friends met and Grandson’s were exhibited. A concerted effort was made to get everyone watered and into the main hall by 6:10pm so the soup didn’t get cold. Mr S Vaughan, after a misunderstanding, marched solo into the hall, realised his mistake and fled into the wings where Pipe Major Brian Knight gave him a quizzical look, heezzed up his pipes and lead the top table into the room.

This year the top table were; Ian McCosh, Alan Gordon, Preses Eric Black, Ian Ross, Drew Connell and Stephen Vaughan. PM Knight piped the haggis to the top table, Scott Tennant had the honour this year of carrying the beastie with David Blair carrying the Cratur. Ian McCosh gave the Address to the Haggis and cut it up with ready sleight. The Treasurer, Jim Farmer, gave a short run through of our years activities and adventures before Stephen Vaughan said Grace and the soup was served.

The food was once again not only glorious but bounteous  and as the guests began filling up the corners with crackers and cheese Andy Hay and Norman Currie (The Baun) sang a few songs from Burns collection. The Immortal Memory was delivered by Alan Gordon this year , Alan has performed Tam O Shanter for us before but this was his first time speaking. He gave us a nice blend of comedy and insight into the character of Robert Burns. Ian McCosh performed ‘To a Toothache‘ before The Baun lead the company in singing The Lass O Ballochmyle. The company now relaxed and laughed at Ian Ross’s nicely weighted Toast to the Lassies; risque but never crude and it went down well. No Society Burns Supper would be complete without the General Society Male Voice Choir singing The Habbies o Kilbarchan. The Toast to the Society was by Drew Connell, Drew has organised the Burns Supper for 43 years and he has  announced that he is hanging up his notepad and pencil stub. His speech recalled Burns Suppers past and village characters now only memories and the high jinx that was got up to.

After a short interval PM Knight played us a short selection of bagpipe tunes, we had another recitation from the indefatigable Ian McCosh and Stephen Vaughan gave the vote of thanks. All that remains to tell is that The Star of Rabbie Burns was sung, tables were stood on and the evening ended in bon homme.

Thanks to the staff from the caterers and to the Bowling Club for hosting us.

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