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2016 AGM

2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM was held in Kilbarchan Bowling Club on Tuesday 13th of December. Preses Norman Kerr OBE was in the chair . The minutes of last years AGM were read and accepted before the meeting stood for a minutes silence in memory of all those members who had died during the last year.

The Treasurer reported that over the last year we had raised £3,800 and distributed £2,375 to local charities and organisations. The meeting accepted the change to the means of disbursement we propose to use in the coming year. Rather than a small donation to all the village organisations which can be lost among their daily operational costs we plan to donate £500 to one organisation for a specific purpose. We’ll publish the criteria for this soon.

Mr O Jones reported the audit of the Society’s accounts found them to be in good order. As we are a registered charity our accounts are submitted to and published by OSCR .

The meeting then moved to the election of a new Preses. Norman Kerr OBE proposed Mr Eric Black, this was seconded and the chain of office was passed to Mr Black who took over the chair. Mr Black thanked Mr Kerr for his hard work over the last 12 months and proposed that Mr S Vaughan become his Vice Preses, which was seconded.

3 Managers were due to retire this year having served their 3 year term but had decided to remain on the team if so elected. All the Managers were elected unopposed as were the Office Bearers in turn.

2017 Management Team

Office Bearers

Mr Eric Black ~ Preses

Mr Stephen Vaughan ~ Vice Preses

Mr John Connell ~ Clerk

Mr James Farmer ~ Treasurer

Mr Andrew M Connell ~ Officer


Mr Robert Barr

Mr David Blair

Mr Alan Gordon

Mr Oliver Jones

Mr Norman Kerr OBE

Mr Scott Tennant

Mr James Wallace

The AGM approved this years disbursements and the Treasurer noted we had received a certificate of thanks from Erskine Hospital. Prior to the close of business the Preses invited the assembly for hospitality. The Society would like to thank Mrs Black for providing the refreshments and to the Bowling Club for hosting us. Thanks to Joanne McBarron for the pictures.

Preses Black receiving the chain

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