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2016 Burns Supper

2016 Burns Supper

Saturday the 16th of January dawned white and slidey. As the day progressed it became apparent that the weather could have an impact on the attendance at the Annual Burns Supper. When the Managers met at 2 o’clock there had already been call offs from people in the outlying areas with concerns about getting home due to the snow but the numbers weren’t alarming from an organisational point of view. What was alarming was how long the annual seat allocation melee took.

The venue began filling about 5 o’clock and by the start time of 6pm over 70 of the original 90 guests had braved the elements and our 42nd Annual Burns Supper could begin. Pipe Major Brian Knight piped in the top table and Preses Kerr introduced them; Mr McCosh, Mr Ross, Mr Shaw and Mr Black. The Pipe Major then lead the haggis into the room and Mr McCosh addressed and saluted it. S Vaughan and O Jones reprised their roles from last year as haggis and whisky bearers. E Black said grace and the soup was served, once again the Elderslie Inn provided a traditional Burns feast of belly bursting proportions.

After the Loyal Toast the Preses invited The Baun (Andy Hay and Norrie Currie) to lead us in A man’s a man, Andy and Norrie were on top form as were the General Society choir. The Preses introduced Mr Ian Ross and asked him to deliver this year’s Immortal Memory, my son (at his first Burns supper) sat back preparing to be bored stiff but was soon being delighted by the mixture of bawdy humour and insights into the works of Burns and his universal appeal.

Alan Gordon donned the blue bunnet and gave us a world class rendition of Tam O Shanter, standing on a chair as Meg skelpit on thro’ dub and mire and admonishing us to the evils of drink and cutty sarks. After this excitement Andy and Norrie lead the company in singing The Bonnie Lass O Ballochmyle

Bob Shaw toasted the Lassies in wonderfully rumbustious style pausing only to horribly traduce the Managers of the Society. With the Lassies well and truly toasted the Pipe Major played a selection of tunes before Mr McCosh recited A Man’s a man, he sang the last verse with the support of the company.

After a short break The Baun played The Habbies O Kilbarchan with the General Society Male Voice Choir roaring the chorus after which J Farmer said some very gracious words about our “Wee Society” and proposed the toast to the society. Mr McCosh then regaled us with Holy Willie’s Prayer, a more sleekit and snide rendition you never heard. Andy and Norman then struck up and we sang Auld Lang Syne among others before Eric Black gave the vote of thanks and Andy and Norman lead the company in The Star O Rabbie Burns. We need to get a younger audience because there are more and more folk scared to climb on the chairs every year.

Once again the Burns Supper was a roaring success, a massive thanks is due the speakers for making it through from Buzby on such a night and to Drew Connell for organising it.



  1. Nelly Lawson.

    Great night as per usual, not to be missed on you’re yearly social calendar. I’ve al ways enjoyed the burns supper and never disappointed RABBIE on getting “right foo”

    • We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 supper on the 13th of January


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