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2015 Burns Supper

2015 Burns Supper

The 41st Annual Burns Supper was held in the Kilbarchan Bowling Club on the 17th of January.
The assembly stood as the top table were lead in by Piper Neil McTaggart. At the top table with the Preses, Andrew Connell, were Ian McCosh, Willie Fleming and Andy McMillan. Pipe Sergeant McTaggart then piped the Haggis to the top table, Stephen Vaughan had the honour this year (he is the newest Manager) of bearing the haggis and Oliver Jones of delivering the whisky. Ian McCosh gave the haggis a royal addressing, it was saluted and borne back to the kitchen. Mr Eric Black said grace and supper was served.

We were served a delicious Cock-a-leekie followed by Haggis and neeps then Steak Pie and trimmings, finishing with coffee/tea and the cheese board. Thanks are due The Elderslie Inn for the wonderful meal they served us.

After the Loyal toast Norman Currie and Andy Hay lead the company in singing songs of Robert Burns, Norman and Andy have attended 39 of the last 41 Burns Suppers and gave yet another flawless performance. This year the Immortal Memory was delivered by Willie Fleming, the 3rd time he has addressed the Society, who gave a knowledgeable, humorous and in places charged address before raising his glass to toast Robert Burns.
Our Past-Preses Alan Gordon then gave an electric performance of Tam O’ Shanter and Andy McMillan gave a wonderfully humorous and irreverent toast to the Lassies.
After a short interval Ian McCosh recited To a Louse and then Andy and Norman lead the General Society Male Voice Choir in singing Lass O’ Ballochmyle and The Habbies O’ Kilbarchan before Alan Gordon toasted the Society. After another short interval the raffle was drawn, Neil McTaggart played a stirring selection of pipe tunes and Ian McCosh recited A man’s a man with the whole company singing the last verse. Due to the Vice-preses being unable to attend Eric Black gave the Vote of Thanks and Willie Fleming responded for the speakers. This just left it to Andy and Norman to get the whole company standing (some on chairs) to sing the Star o Rabbie Burns. So ended another fabulous Burns Supper

And they hae taen his very heart’s blood,
And drank it round and round;
And still the more and more they drank,
Their joy did more abound.
Robert Burns, John Barleycorn

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